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Let me show you how to create your perfect Israeli home.


Fluent in both English and Hebrew, I will help you overcome the barriers of renovation.


Relaxed process and full understanding of renovating in Israel.


Over 10 years of experience in the Interior Design business with New Immigrants.


I will save you time and show you the right places, materials and people.

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Let me introduce myself:
my name is Tamar Freudmann, I am an interior designer, and I would like to help you with your design process.

  • Are you fed up of the design in your home?

  • Has covid and the time at home made you realize how important it is to feel comfortable  at home?   

  • Do you want to make changes, but don't know where to start? 

  • Do you feel that it's finally the right time to upgrade your space?

  • Is working from home not working for you? 

In my 1.5 hour consultation meeting you will get:

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What people say

Avatar 109

Dina Herman

"I always prided myself in having a good eye when it came to decorating my house but after making Aliyah I just felt completely lost. I wanted to put my stamp on our new family home but I just had no idea where to start. Tamar was recommended to me by a mutual friend and she really saved me. The initial consultation meeting was so informative - Tamar covered everything I could have wanted to know and more. She brought samples of different building materials, discussed colours and fabrics, we talked about how we lived as a family and how we wanted our home to work for our lifestyle. By the end I really felt as though I had had a masterclass in Interior Design."

Avatar 84

Stephen Goldman

"Downsizing proved a real struggle for my wife and I even though we had been planning it for years. It suddenly felt impossible to see the wood for the trees. We came across Tamar through an ad in our synagogue newsletter and booked an initial consultation with her. She really took the time to listen to our concerns and priorities. From the moment she arrived her respectful, friendly approach really impressed us and her knowledge of Interior Design is incredible. We booked the full consultation meeting and it was amazing how her process moved us forward. A real game changer for us."

Avatar 103

Linda Gurevich

"Our initial consultation meeting with Tamar was wonderful. We didn’t know what we didn’t know so spending time with someone so knowledgeable and circumspect was both inspiring and crucial. In the time we spent with her we already saw how much money we would have wasted getting things wrong and how much working with a designer would save us. No surprise we took Tamar to run our whole project and never looked back!"

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