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  • Tamar Freudmann

You are never too old to play outside

It's finally safe to leave the shelters.

We are finally allowed to move around outside without masks.

What the hell are you waiting for?! Enjoy the outside, take your laptop to your balcony, eat your breakfast in the sun or just enjoy a relaxing evening on your porch.

Living in a land with so many sunny days, it's just a waste to stay indoors. Just imagine the outside space - no matter how small or how big - as an extra room.

As with your interiors you want to think first of all of the functions you need (or would like to have): sitting area, eating area, pool, fire place, BBQ etc.

Have you got the place for everything? How much is it going to be used? What direction does your outdoor area point to? North, east, west, south? Where does the sun come from and at what time of the day? What trees or plants can you plant where? How often do you entertain?

A lot of questions, which are going to determine what and where you want to position around your outdoor space.

Choosing the appropriate materials, sizes and style are crucial when it comes to your outdoor furniture. Do you want to have high seating, loungy seating, a square, rectangle or round table? Is wood or a synthetic material more durable. Get advice from a shop specialized in outdoor furniture.

And of course don't forget electricity and lighting sources when it comes to your outdoors. Do you needs plugs to charge your phone or connect your laptop? Where to position your barbecue and do you need a plug next to it? The correct lighting for outside seating and eating areas and just a general light that gives a nice and calming effect. All of these elements need to be discussed and planned ahead.

As for cooking outside it doesn't need to end with a barbeque only, outdoor kitchens are a great way to entertain and have everything outside next to you. Fridges, sinks and other kitchen appliances appear today also outside and make the cooking and entertaining experience even more fun.

And don't forget the fun part of styling: cushions and throws to keep you cozy and warm and add to the overall look with splashes of colour and texture.

Outdoor fire pits can add warmth, atmosphere and light and be a real focal point.

If any or all of that sounds overwhelming or if you recognize you need help with this please contact me by email on and I will schedule a free half hour online consultation with you to get you started.



Tamar Freudmann - Itzuv Pnim : I have been designing, renovating and remodeling living spaces for over nine years. Contact me today at and visit my site for more information

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